Relationships - died together

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Is there a way, or can we make a way in the future, where we can state that someone died with someone else?

Such as “The Day the Music Died” (Richie Valens, The Big Bopper, and Buddy Holly) all dying together in a plane crash.
Or the 7 musicians that died when the RMS Titanic sank.

I know that date of death is already available, but that isn’t enough to state that it was more than “the same day”. There are a lot of stories of musicians dying together, it would be nice to be able to link them somehow.

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One way we could do this is add a new Event category “Catastrophe” (or some other wording/term) and a “died at” relationship for artists. (This relationship wouldn’t be exclusive to the Catastrophe event type; I know of at least one case where an artist died at his own concert.)

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I can’t wait until every Paris Hilton concert (or the like) is added as “catastrophe” instead :smiley:


That did occur to me. We could mitigate that by adding a guideline confining the event type’s use to events like plane crashes, earthquakes, etc. that otherwise don’t have anything to do with music.

Does a Paris Hilton Concert have anything to do with music? :wink:


I was thinking maybe in the relationships, where we add parents, brothers, husbands. Or maybe under the death date, we could add a “died with” box. We don’t necessarily need to add things like “plane crash”, I am fine if we can just get a list of names. John Smith, Jane Doe, and Paulie Walnuts died together.

But I think (if this step is even possible?), that it should only become available if the death date is filled out. No reason to populate the box if we don’t have them listed as dead.

The one problem I see arising is – a couple months ago, I filled out death dates for a group of artists. Two private planes hit each other, all died. But one survived the crash, only to die in the hospital a week later.
If we implement some sort of safeguard, such as “they all must have the same date of death”, then I can see the lone survivor not being included in the listing.

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Can’t this all stay in annotation?
It seems a little bit out of place here and rarely used/useful.


That’s always an option. So is linking to the Wikipedia entry so that people can read the interesting factoid in the biography. Or any number of other biographical links that display under the relationships tab.

But, I feel that annotation often makes a page look messy. Plus, if the whole point is to link a relationship…

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