Relationship types for director and organizer

How should I add these kind of roles as relationships to recordings/releases? I don’t know what the job descriptions for those would be or if an existing artist relationship type covers these.

The director relationship type seems to already have a proposal by @HibiscusKazeneko. There’s nothing for organizer, though.

These roles seem to be normal e.g. for productions where the music creation groups agehasprings and onetrap are involved, and they are usually mentioned in the credits on the same line like this: “Director & Organizer”.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen “organizer” in release liner notes before, but I have seen lots of “coordinator” type relationships. That sounds to me like something you’re looking for; is it?

Hmm, those could potentially be more or less the same thing. But still, there are no exactly matching relationships for them, so maybe both director and organizer could go under the producer relationship? I’m not sure if that would be too far-fetched. Putting them under miscellaneous support doesn’t seem right either.

It’s not totally clear. “Director” is commonly found in the liner notes of Japanese releases near the producer credit, suggesting the title is some sort of production-like role, but I haven’t been able to find anything that solidifies the connection.
I sometimes wonder if “director” in the Japanese context is something akin to a voice acting director, i.e. someone who participates in the recording session by giving instructions to the performer. Normally (AFAIK, as I’m not a musician) recording engineers will do all this themselves, but it’s not inconceivable for there to be someone else in the console room alongside the engineer instructing the performer(s) in the recording booth.

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