Relationship how-to question

While editing today I came across these recordings

I listened to the tracks and they are actually completely different versions of the same song. Could someone add the correct relationship and paste the edit URL here so I can learn from example for the next time? Thanks in advance!


First we can link them to the same work (see work edit history).

Then if you could describe the difference in a few words, you could set recording disambiguation comments like acoustic version, Made in the Shade version, or anything like that. :wink:


Done. Thank you, sensei.


Follow-up: While looking at the different recordings, I came upon this release

The track lengths there are slightly wrong as you can see from the back cover I’ve uploaded (still in the edit queue). The particular recording in question here is actually the same one as on the other Chesky releases.

Before I go about merging releases I would like to clean up this one bit, starting with track lengths. Unfortunately, there are 3 discIDs attached - each of which blocks this edit - and I have no way of knowing which one is correct and which could/should be removed.