Relationship for a work with lyrics from another work

You will be told off for going off topic… so I’ll reply in a different message in case the Off Topic Choppers come a Chopping…

Bang out an example link. It is quite possible the exact relationship you need isn’t there. Sounds to me like a new “Work” with a based on link to the previous Work. The only place to add details about how that new work was made is with an Annotation in the Work definition.

I had one last week where an Recording was a Parody of another Recording but with new words. BUT that “Parody” link is only allowed to the original Work. Which meant confusion in my relationships. My new “Recording” now only has a link to the original “Work” which makes no sense…

Not every relationship is available. So fit what you can, and then annotate lots of notes to make it clear why it is different. Can be an excuse to post some of the history of the track then.


Giant - work “based on” previous work … but I haven’t found a work annotation.

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Look on the right hand side. “Add Annotation” is there for most entities.


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Do you know who wrote the new lyrics? Adding that artist as “Lyricist” would also help the differences stand out.

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Disaster! I know, but I can’t prove. Lyrics by Rebekka Karijord, music for the first song together with Peder Kjellsby (most probably). The second is composed by Rebekka alone.

On the cover of the first song “All songs written by us” (Rebekka and Peder)
The second appears only on iTunes Deluxe Edition with no writing credits.

Quote it in the edit note, and again in the annotation. I think that is clear enough to go with as fact.

BUT in MB terms I thought “composed” meant just the tune. Lyricist the words. And Writer for both.

That confusion of language again…

Thanks, done it! But where is this annotation shown?

Happy to read this words, as I would prefer this considerably.

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It will appear on the same page as you were on when you clicked “add annotation”.

With box sets I have set for all included “original release boxes” front and back too. Otherwise it would not be possible to keep at least a minimum of structure in this chaos. I don’t think I will buy box sets again. :wink:

OK, but not immediately it seems.

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Ah-ha - it needs voting on. So I have voted.

No doubt in the background there is a magical Successful Edits counter you will get past that lets stuff like that go in quicker. I don’t think I get delays on my annotations.

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There is a ticket in requesting a Work - Work relationship for “quotes” or “refers to”.


I added a relationship for this now, for what it’s worth :slight_smile: But that’s mostly for “it quotes a bit of the lyrics”, if it reuses most of them I’d still use “based on” or just “later version” if it’s the same song with extra lyrics.