Relationship for a mobile studio

I now have an album entirely recorded at home with a mobile studio. I found out that this studio already exists in MB:

Aside from the Discogs link, it has no relationships, and that’s not surprising. There is no relationship “recorded with”. Maybe a miscellaneous task would be possible, but rather suboptimal.
It’s not possible to make it a place, because it has no location. And that points to another problem: It’s actually just equipment and that could change, as could the name.

Nonetheless, it has engineers recording with it, and these could be linked.

Any ideas?

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I would enter it as a place with no area, unless they only operated the studio in a certain region, say all over Europe. I don’t think a place needs to be stationary to be a place, as we’ve got plenty of cruise ships which move quite a bit

if you know the place the mobile studio was at when the album was recorded, I might also add an area or place for that


An area is great - in this case I’ll make it “recorded in Bath” because I know where his “home” was then (the mixing was done “down the road at Crescent Studios”)

Regarding the place… Such mobile studios are often used at live concerts. So it would be recorded at <venue> AND recorded “at” <mobile studio> … although that would still be possible. :slight_smile:


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Well, actually there is already a Mobile One as a place. Only this one is in Ireland and the area is used to indicate one of the recording locations (there’s more than one). I suspect that apart from the recording location, it was the same truck. But I would have to remove the area to make it suitable for my recording.

It also has a separate Discogs label: Mobile One (2) Label | Releases | Discogs

It is a place - the place just happens to be a vehicle that can move. So I’d always add an area too, like you are doing.

I am trying to remember the name of another studio like this. I know I’ve linked one up a few times. I like linking stuff like this up as I always find it fascinating as to which other artists used the same place.

I can also see how a company like Mobile One would have its own original location. There will be somewhere the trucks go back to as home base.


I think the Stones had one too? the one used by Deep Purple which they wrote about in Smoke on the Water…

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I don’t think I’ve done that. Or did I? I cannot remember.

Yes, Rolling Stones Mobile Studio
I’ve searched for places with “mobile” (Search Results - MusicBrainz)
Some have an area, some even address, and some appear twice because of different recording location. I don’t think there should be one for every parking place. It would be possible (“relocated to”) but difficult to maintain. :wink:
Their home address is a bit misleading.

You said you ticked “recorded in Bath” as that is where it was parked?

This is often set in some form for a gig anyway.

I’d use a home address for the company as there is a base the company runs from and the trucks go back to at the end of the job. It is another one of those that can’t fit perfectly in a database as data assumes a company doesn’t move everytime it does a job. In this case, this is exactly what a mobile recording studio does.

Again annotations to the rescue. Most of these have “Mobile” in their name somewhere anyway.

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Yes, of course. I thought of a mobile place. :upside_down_face:

I will certainly do that.

I added a mobile venue recently (for events not recordings):

MB has dealt with it gracefully imo, since it also allows me to set area :tada:

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I adapted the Mobile One “place” → Edit #100110317 - MusicBrainz
(I’ve chosen “Europe”, because it also recorded in Berlin and Paris)

Thanks to all for helping!