Relationship deleted not saved cannot be re-entered?

There is probably a ticket already, but here goes:

Mishap cancelled, see

  1. Goto Edit relationship.
  2. Delete a relationship, do not save.
  3. Immediately re-enter identical relationship.

(Mishap occurred when trying to understand how external links are ordered, whether user can re-order them. I have not tried identical 2—3. in identical field.)

Expected result: System accepts and saves it as no change.

Result: System refuses 3. re-enter, because identical relationship is already present. User interface has it deleted but has not saved its deletion. Database still has the ‘old’ relationship, will therefore not allow it added anew. Therefore, user must save edit with relationship deleted (Edit: to not lose other data entered in that same session). The delete edit may then be cancelled.

Methinks auto search be 1-eyed here?

Yes, there is no undo function.

And when you add a relationship with the same content, it still has a different ID, so isn’t seen as identical.

No undo is OK, I would not expect that for an action not performed. This is meant as a warning that relations-editor/auto-search/user-interface behaves differently from what users would normally expect. (“add a relationship” understood as ‘by own action save a relationship”.)