Relationship between release and area?

How would I attach this release group:

As recorded live in?

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“recorded in” is a relationship between a recording and an area: Relationship Type / Recorded in - MusicBrainz

“recorded live” is an attribute of a relationship between a recording and a work (song): Recording-Work Relationship Types - MusicBrainz

What I recommend is marking all the recordings (easily done in bulk with relationship editor) as “recorded in” Stoke-on-Trent. Some of the tracks on the 22-track release might already have works (songs) created, however some might also need creating (always search before creating). Tracks like [intro] and also the long, mixed, live recordings on the 2-track release will likely be unable to linked to a work.

It appears many works are already linked, with only some indicating they are ‘live’. This should be corrected and the relationship should have the ‘live’ attribute (if they are indeed live). Get started here: Edit Relationships for 2001-11-22: A State of Trance #23. Click on “(recording of)” in the column on the right (related works) to modify an existing relationship. Relationships can also be modified individually by editing the object directly (How to Add Relationships - MusicBrainz).

There’s also a release-area relationship, Area-Release Relationship Types - MusicBrainz


Thanks! That makes sense that the relationship doesn’t make any sense against the release group.

I do want to connect the release itself to the area, but given that the tracks are split from a continuous mix, does it make sense to link the individual recordings as well? Because the original recordings aren’t really “modified” in the sense of a traditional remix, but rather transitioned from track to track.

Also, would “remixed in” be a better relationship than “recorded in” in this case?

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Linking the release and the area is good. Typically I link recordings to places, which are located in an area, but if you don’t know the stadium/venue of the performance, linking to the area could be useful. “Remixed in/at” is kind of an oddball. I’ve never used it, but perhaps it would apply in this case. Recorded in would be fine too I’d say.

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Usually you should link all recordings you know were recorded in that place (or area if you don’t know the place). And not link the recordings you know are not.

It’s only when you don’t know which recordings are and which recording are not, that you fall back to linking release to place (or area if you don’t know the place).

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