Related various artist releases?

Should there be a relationship of some kind between related various artist releases? At least I don’t see any kind of existing relationship between them. For example these albums from this show.

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I believe you’d relate them all to a release group series. for example, [Mouth Music] or K-ON!.


So to clarify. Create a series here Log In - MusicBrainz
Then go to the release groups for the above albums, add a relationship “part of” and set to the newly created series? Or would it be “recorded during”? Since they were recorded during the show? The help pages for those don’t explain in much detail when to use each and I didn’t even see the series feature before so all new to me.

I tried to find similar shows to compare to but they seem to have been in another way. For example

Each season for that show got its own series, and the series lists release groups with individual tracks.
And then there is also

With no series that I can see.

Sorry for the many questions, bit confusing for me. Should a new series be created for Unpretty Rapstar as well and include all the album compilation release groups?

you can add the release groups directly from the Add Series page, just hit the Add relationship button

it would be the “part of” relationship, as “recorded during” is for like, live albums recorded during a tour (a type of event series)

in terms of how to split up the series (if at all), I personally wouldn’t in general, but it’s up to you, since you’re more familiar with the subject. keeping all release groups in one series would make finding the other seasons (or other such grouping) easier, as there’s no official series series as of yet


Thank you for your help!

Hopefully I understood correctly and did these right.