Region-locked release variants (Japan relases with bonus tracks)

(Just looking at digital releases in this group to simplify my question)

This release has a different tracklist in Japan so it has two separate releases for that. However, a third release was added that has the release region set to [Worldwide] since some sites (like Bandcamp or the label’s store) allows you to buy the non-Japanese digital release from any region, including Japan. Most other stores/streaming sites like iTunes/Spotify/Amazon/etc. have region-locked versions for Japan and not-Japan.

Should there be three releases for this (1. Everywhere but Japan 2. Japan 3. [Worldwide]) or just two (1. [Worldwide] 2. Japan)?

If the version currently marked as worldwide is, as you say, also in Japan via Bandcamp I would say it is indeed worldwide. So two versions, the Japanese one with bonus track and the other.