Regarding URL changes in for example "review URLs" in event pages

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I have added “review” type URLs of the form -

to all of the about 3400 Bruce Springsteen related event pages at

Recently the hostname changed due to shutdown of the old Wiki site to the following:

It’s a nightmare to redit all these event pages again.

Would it be possible to reference in the URL the “protocol://hostname:port” part
as a named variable when entering this kind of URLs and enter this informtion in
a separate table on the MusicBrainz Server database ? The MusicBrainz UI would
of course need to render back to the real URL.

I would guess there are other scenarios where users could benefit of changing
just a single entry instead of thousends of pages.

Thanks for consideration

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I have seen cases when the MB Database Gurus have been able to do this kind of update at a higher level. I think they fixed the iTunes to Apple Music changes using some behind the scenes magic. Hopefully they can do similar in this case.

Can you send me a message via ? I can try and get @FresoBot to do the conversion.