Regarding area and year of formation/disbandment/birth/death for fictitious artists

So I was thinking about a few fictitious bands and characters, namely Love Fist (a band from the GTA series), Salmon Hater (an Australian metal band made up by some radiao hosts) and Torv, the singer for said band.

Now, Love Fist are from Scotland in the GTA lore. Salmon Hater were supposedly formed in 2002 and hail from Glenelg, and the fictional character of Torv supposedly was born in 1977 and was declared dead in absentia in 2016.

Should this data be added to the artists?

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It’s counterintuitive that you need to check two separate pages for this.

Either both are style or neither are?

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It is a bit of a jumble…

@reosarevok, I’ve edited the two wiki pages linked above, reducing the Artist doc to a functional description of the fields and moving style/editing guidance into the Style/Artist doc.

Since I haven’t changed any actual guidelines I hope that’s okay! Feel free to review and transcode to docs (or not :stuck_out_tongue: )

to answer your question, yes, this data could be added to the annotation, but as has been discussed in the thread @chaban linked, this should probably not be added to the date started/area fields…

Not probably - not.