Recordings with different durations - how much difference signals a different recording?


Release Group Montségur, la tragédie cathare has two releases.

Comparing the releases:
The durations of same named tracks differ by between 50 seconds and zero seconds.

I don’t have both releases to hand.

How much of a difference in duration would signal that a separate “recording” should be made for a track?

(I thought I had seen this question and answer but I can’t find it."


The docs don’t put a number to it¹, but 50 seems like a lot.

Looking at the two releases, the overall play time is nearly 3 minutes off. So it seems like a reasonable guess that some of the recordings have extra content.

  1. IIRC, an older version of the docs mentioned 10 seconds as being the most difference you’d typically want, but that probably pre-dated the “mb-recording is a mix” clarification.


50 seconds is way too much, unless they’re added silence (which is sometimes added for example to separate pieces more clearly in classical releases).