Recordings with 2 dates and two orchestras: A small ball of string to untangle, anyone?




These Recordings (which are used on multiple Releases) may have problems.
They have two dates (1950-01-10 vs 1950-10-01) and two orchestras.

Having just had yet another brush with different Russian transliterations of Artist names, I’m beyond caring.
Knock yourself out if it will bring you joy.

According to the back cover, the good date is 1950-10-01 (1st of October) and the orchestra is USSR State Radio Symphony Orchestra (different from USSR State TV and Radio Orchestra?).

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From ruwiki, I understand that it only got the Television on its name on 1958.

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There you have it. Brilliant are from the Netherlands, so you might expect them to use an international or Euro convention for dates, which would make that date 10th January 1950. However tracks 6-8 are unambiguously 22nd Feb 1952, so I have to agree with you that tracks 1-3 would be 1st October.

BUT look at the following, which is also Brilliant:

It’s the other way about.

See also []. Same artists and movement lengths (2 and 3 are combined), and a date of 31 October 1950.

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The Academic Symphony Orchestra credit came from Edit #8821725, which was linked to the Historic Russian Archives: Leonid Kogan (disc 4: Tchaikovsky / Vieuxtemps) release whose back cover was linked above by @Fabe56 . So that’s a simple error.

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Why do you read the date backwards, are you sure it’s an American edition?

Because of 05/29/1952 :wink: