Recording of Tchaikovsky Sleeping Beauty - date mystery

I’m trying to link works for this release, for which I have the discs but not the packaging:

The Nutcracker and Swan Lake went ok based on what I’ve been able to find on discogs and other sources, including Sleeping Beauty is giving me trouble, though.

According to, the version on this release (search catalogue no. 45619) is from the 1952 recording, which says “suite only”. But there are 7 tracks on the release, and the suite only has 5 movements. Plus they just don’t match up; the track descriptions fit with the 1961 or 1973 recordings.

I originally imagined that all of the Ormandy stuff was taken from here, because it looks like a close match for both. But this looks like it would fit the Sleeping Beauty tracks, too. Some versions of my release do mention a 1961 date (see here - I have the other version, which only mentions 1979).

What do you all think? Is there another way to sort out which recording date these are? And if Sleeping Beauty ends up being from 1973, should I consider that Swan Lake is wrong, too?

p.s. I’ve entered works and performers without a date for now, but sure would like to get it figured out

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