Recorded in and recorded at should be placed together

I added a release for an album by Kajto today:

Some tracks are recorded live in 1998 and some tracks are recorded in a studio in 2004. I think it looks strange that the two recording relationships isn’t placed together. Why are they separated by the relationships for instruments and vocals? I wonder if I did something wrong since it is presented that way.

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You have different relationships there. Notice how one is “recorded at” and the other “recorded in”? One is “at” a studio, the other is “in” a town. Location and Place are subtly different.

To enter the details you have there you want to go to a track by track level. What you really wanted is to click on the Edit Relationships on the right hand side of that release page.


NOW you can put a date to EACH recording on the right hand side of the page. And set a “recorded at” and\or “recorded in” relationships to each track on the left side.

To set those Recordings dates is not obvious, you click on the text (live recording of) as highlighted below.



Thank you @IvanDobsky. But even if I put recording dates in every recording, I will still need the “recorded in” and “recorded at” relationships for the whole release to say where it is recorded. And it will still need to be the two different types as I as don’t know the exact place in the town for the live recordings. So it still seems strange to me that these two relationships are not shown together but with all the instrument relationships between them.

BTW there is a problem with putting recording dates for every track. The CD documentation doesn’t say which of the tracks are live. I only added the “live” attribute there I can clearly hear the audience in the recording (applauding etc.), but for some tracks I am in doubt.


I agree that it’s unintuitive. I suspect they’re ordered by some internal naming: “area”, “performer”, “place”. However the “edit relationships” page uses a different sorting which does put “recorded at” and “recorded in” next to each other.


The placement on the screen of “recorded in” and “recorded at” is just cosmetic. I agree it looks odd though. As @highstrung points out, on other pages they are together.

For those tracks that you do know about you can update the recording date on the right hand side, and the recording location on the left hand side of the Edit Relationships page.

For those that you are not sure of, just leave those without extra details. There is a general rule around MB of “If in doubt, leave it out”

Just by doing that may be enough of a prompt for someone else to come along and fill in more details from a different source.

Importantly - any edits you make like that it is good etiquette to note your sources.

Like many areas of MusicBrainz, it can be all a bit confusing\intimidating the first time you try something. But dive in and give it a go, we’ll have a look at the edits and make sure it all looks good. :slight_smile: