Recent edit note history with “mb. ELEPHANT EDITOR”

This userscript saves the recent edit note history and keeps the most recent edit note in the text area, making the editor make edit sessions on the same release, with the same reference, etc. much more faster than having to re-type edit notes for all edits (which may be one of the reasons why many edits come without notes at all).


Unfortunately, this userscript that is currently super broken on desktop and mobile, that I really want to fix, because I am greatly slowed down in editing, without it.

For the current users of the userscript, if any, I would like to ask you a question.

More on that later.


My question was about do you prefer how the script works now (saves most edit notes) or would you prefer having a new submit button, called Enter edit and save note (with save), next to the normal Enter edit (without save)?

By the way, I have fixed the script at last!
But there are still the Add/Edit alias pages that are randomly not working, because of React/hydrate.

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You read my mind, I was just about to ask about this in this thread! Thank you, I use the script a lot (it was remembering some things so I was still using the broken version).

And it seems to be working again now, just did a quick test.

To your question, I think the current ‘remember’ checkbox makes sense, keeping it next to the relevant buttons.

p.s. I have no idea what the cross button does :stuck_out_tongue:
p.p.s. I thought the shift+click note was referring to the cross button, but just now figured out it’s for the other buttons :brain:

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