Re-releases and re-pressings


How different does a re-release or re-pressing of a CD need to be to be considered a different release within the same release group?

I recently purchased a re-released CD which had the same barcode as a previous release, but had a different packaging type, and with the catalogue number and distribution imprint removed. Should I be adding both versions when I add the release group?

There is a similar situation with this release, in that later pressings of the release have been sold in a jewel case with the same barcode and catalogue number (I compared the 2 side to side in a record shop recently).


If there are differences in packaging this most definitely warrants a separate release.


It would be really handy if you have a scanner and can scan in the front and rear cover so other people can see the differences. Annotation field is handy for describing the differences too. (This also stops someone trying to merge them at a later date)

MB is also very good at making it easy to make a copy of a release so you won’t have to enter all the tracks in again.