Random "⚠ Error uploading image"

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When uploading cover art recently, a few images out of the set invariably fail with “:warning: Error uploading image”. Got it earlier today, figured it was just high-load time. But just happened again at ~2AM—and I doubt it’s a high-load time… (And since I forgot to hit create topic, again ~noon today)

Generally, hitting submit again gets them uploaded (and with a lot of images, sometimes repeat a few more times). But unfortunately they often get out of order.


Same thing here earlier today. Used to happen before. Feels like a temporary thing.


I have been experiencing this same issue. It will happen if I am uploading just one image or multiple images, at what seems to be at random. I am using Google Chrome, beta version, which is kept updated.


RE being temporary… I have been experiencing this for approx 1 week.

New cover art not loading

For future reference, here you can check the status of the Cover Art Archives server. If you see a red line in the top-left graph, the server is experiencing difficulties. The only thing you can do in that case is wait until it is fixed.

New cover art not loading

The same. I can’t upload any of images


Just come back later. Usually the CAA recovers after a few hours lie down. The hamsters get tied out.


Lots of red in that linked status page right now. As @IvanDobsky says, just comes back later.




to the “experience problems” warning hint could be helpful.


got it, thank you
I’ll check it