Radiohead Minidiscs [Hacked] release

Radiohead released 18 minidiscs on Bandcamp with a each disc as a single file.
Someone is working on cue files to split these into individual tracks, which I’m planning on using as soon as its ready.
What would the rules be as far as adding these split tracks as another release / version to the MusicBrainz database? Is this against the rules as the official release has them combined?
I’m using MusicBrainz IDs to track and rate my listening, so I’d like to add them if its permitted

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The bootleg status should be use in this case :wink:


Yeah, a bootleg with this split tracklist seems perfectly reasonable, especially if it gets made available in that way (or a program gets made available to split it consistently in that way after purchase).


So will all three versions share a Release Group?

Official Release via Bandcamp
Official Release via Bandcamp with Bootleg CUE file split
Bootleg Release via Pirate Bay (has slightly different timings)

The Minidisc batch was all released stolen at once, apparently, so a single RG single release of all mediums, yes, I guess. :slight_smile:

It was stolen and released to Pirate Bay. (I believe the hacker was selling off tracks separately early on via reddit)

And then the band edited it slightly and released it themselves on Bandcamp for cheap instead of paying a ransom.

This means the versions are subtly different. You can see this with the track lengths and AcoustIDs. It does mean the recordings can’t actually be linked between official and bootleg editions.

I also have to admit - I want to rename the tracks on the bootleg version to match the official release names now we know them.

Various releases inside the same release group, like when we have several bootleg recordings of same concert or like when we have a bootlegged concert that later on is release officially.