Quickly applying all relationships to tracks in a release

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When you have a release where there are a lot of duplicated tracks, such as a hybrid sacd or a collection wherein you have multiple versions of the track in Stereo, mono, and surround sound, most of the relationships apply to all of the tracks. If a track is duplicated in mono, stereo, or surround sound it was still the same performers inside the studio recording it.

Take this listing for example: https://musicbrainz.org/release/eaa5987c-a792-45f6-8eb5-233adfbffbdc. The first disk has a lot of the performers, the executive producers etc., listed, but the mono tracks, and surround sound tracks do not, even though they should have the same information.

Is there a way to quickly apply the information on that first disc to the related mono and surround sound tracks in the set without having to retype everything? The composer is carried over when you connect a related work, so shouldn’t this information be carried over automatically somewhere as well?


Short answer: not that I know of, since you are talking about different Tracks that use different Recordings.

The underlying question is whether the Tracks should all use the same Recording (in that case all relationships will be shared of course).

I’m not a specialist but as I understand the guidelines we should keep separate recordings if we are talking about mono/stereo/surround (https://musicbrainz.org/doc/Style/Recording#Number_of_audio_channels).
Maybe @reosarevok will have a different opinion.

I’m not advocating that it should be the same recording. I’m just lazy…i mean wanting to be efficient. When i’ve got almost 100 surround sound discs. info from something like these tracks https://musicbrainz.org/release/9a4df5ff-faa2-4e62-8542-dc7684e62bf2 is a lot to re-enter for the surround sound tracks. I’m looking for a quicker way.


If you have a lot of recordings that share the same relations, you could try to abuse this script by temporarily adding relations to the release and moving them to the recordings you choose