Quick way to check that a Release is not yet in the database?

Folowing on from my experiences of entering a Release and then discovering it was already entered and reading of someone else having a similar instance I’m thinking that there would be advantages in having the Add Release be linked to a live search of the database that throws up Releases that match the entered data.


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Doesn’t the “Release Duplicates” tab on the editor do this? (Once you have entered a title and an artist, IIRC)


There is also the Disc ID lookup, even before that.
You have two steps where you can see duplicate.
Without saying that you could probably check artist discography first (show all release groups, not only officials).

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Disc ID and “Artist name and Release title” are good searches.

But are not enough too often (my value judgement).
This is especially the case for classical releases that are not in hand. And Releases that have been entered not in line with guidelines.

I’d like the whole enchilada searched;
everthing that is entered*.

And the results rankable by editor’s selections using sliding and toggle switches.

(some examples only)
Number of media
Number of tracks
Release year
Track artists
Recording artists
External links

I’m imagining the search results as being +10dimensional.
Maybe it would look like those galaxy-type maps of the inter-relations between music genres in one view. With very pretty colours. And with animations like nerve impulses going along neurons.
And like a nice spreadsheet in another user selectable view.