Questions about Zomba Group and Reunion Records

  1. should i put Zomba Group of Companies as the parent label for Reunion Records? if you read that page it seems to say Reunion Records got split in half

  2. and should Reunion Records distributor be Brentwood Music, Inc. instead of Brentwood Music all the albums that have Brentwood Music seam to be distributed by Brentwood Music, Inc. on the albums i have. tho i dont get y they would distribute by word when they clearly have plenty of labels of their own thay could distribute under

The commercial structure of the recording industry seems very very complicated.
From the following WP article (which might be very misleading as I have not checked it for accurate or reliable sources) I understand that Zomba no longer exists.

(I think the commercial structures and the changes to them can be of great value to the MB database as artists are often embedded within such structures and aspects of their recordings determined in part by what their label wants. But getting accurate data is difficult.)

Zomba Group of Companies is dead along with many others but they took over 50% of Reunion Records when they where still releasing if you look at the link it tells you that and it looks like that 50% continued as Reunion Records under Zomba Group of Companies. is that what it looks like to you?
that link is as accurate as you will get without asking the company

From Billboard
1982-1994/95 Harrell and Blanton owners
1994/95 - Oct 1996 BMG owners
1996 Zomba, in Provident group owners
WP: Zomba renamed to Jive Label Group in 2009
WP: “By October 2011 Jive Records was shut down and their artists were moved to RCA Records” BUT ALSO WP reads: " Today, the only Zomba labels that still in operation are [So So Def Recordings], Music for Nations and Christian focused music labels."
So Zomba still has Reunion?

I can see this is pretty complex stuff.

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Reunion Records came under Provident Music Group in 1998

it was formed in 1997

looks like they are still under Provident Music Group in 2009

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another question should the parent labels be under Reunion Records, Inc. or Reunion Records or both?
same thing for the labels that come under it

according to discogs Reunion Records, Inc. Rights holder company for Reunion Records