Questions about various stuff - why did you change the song titles? " Those are the original names of the tracks:

What is the point of that change and why the original info (which are those track names) can’t stay? - Can paulakreuzer, explain to me why abstain? A serious question, I don’t know why there is an abstain vote, in this clear as hell situation.

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For the first one, I’d suggest to start a topic here about “is it intentional that guess case standardises on ‘a cappella’” or something like that.

For the second one, you should ask in the edit note for an answer to that particular case (since you’re asking (in a rather aggressive manner) a specific person), or you could make a general topic on “why do people vote ‘abstain’ on simple (to verify) edits?” or similar.

In both cases I’d highly recommend you ask as a generic question; while you can pull in the mentioned edits as examples of what you’re wondering about, don’t make your questions only about those specific edits (that should be done and kept in the edit notes on those specific edits), but rather about the wider implications and community consensus.

Keep in mind that we’re all here to make MusicBrainz and music data better, so attacking each other is not going to lead to a desirable outcome for anyone. I will refer you to our Code of Conduct and also the forum FAQ and ask that you read those over.

I’ll close this topic now. Feel free to open up new ones, considering the above points. Thank you for helping make MusicBrainz even better. :slight_smile: