Questions about adding a second disc

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I have a 2-disc version of this album. I think I need to add my 2-disc version separately.

With respect to release groups, do they contain both discs of a given set? Put another way, would one release group contain the single-CD version linked above AND the new 2-CD set I would submit or is that two different release groups?

It’s noteworthy that disc 1 of my set has the exact same TOC as the single-disc version that’s already in the db. I’m not sure if that’s an incomplete entry (missing the second disc) or if there is a single-disc version of the album.

Also, Picard identifies disc 2 of my album as this disc.

I’m not sure how to fix this up.

Thanks for the assist! Wash your hands and don’t touch your face!

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Yes, a two disk version of a Release goes into the same Release Group as a single disk version.

Is the disc 2 of your version the same track list as the example you point to? Where would that Release title come in? And is the disk in your hand Turkish?

Looking at both of those they are just basic imports of track lists in 2008 and 2004 and nothing more. It could well be that you have this version and the first editor never entered disk two. Or that disc 2 you have located is your disc 2.

But you can’t be sure. So the simplest method is to add your release in as a fresh Release in the same Release Group as the main album. Then, if all the file times are the same, link your recordings to the recordings on these releases.

Help can be given on any of the above.