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I have a CD which correctly matches a release ( in all aspects except one track. In the release notes it says that some versions have an additional track - which my copy of the CD doesn’t. In the current version of the data the additional track is not given a number. Forgive the newbie question but shouldn’t these be covered by 2 separate releases with a different number of tracks per CD - even if the catalogue and bar codes the same?


Hello @MeesMusic. You might want to look at this link - "(bonus track)" and "Artist X cover" in ETI [STYLE-777]. For the most part it seems like the release link you provided pretty much is correct according to the style guidelines. Dosen’t really need to be entered as a separate release as the “grey” area (bonus track) is explained in the annotations.

Of course others might have a different idea for this particular release so let’s see what happens as others respond. By the way, you furnished everything needed in your question!!

Edit note: Opps, forgot to take the 2 different disc ids into account. I agree with the next 2 replies in this circumstance.

I would say they should be split up, yes. This is clearly a different track listing hence releases should be separated. You can also see on the disc IDs which one contain the hidden track. E.g. this is one without the

The start track starts at 0:02. But the following one is with the bonus track:

The start track starts at 2:01 with track “1”. Before this is the hidden bonus track.


They would have to be different releases. The DiscIDs generated by the actual physical CDs would be different as they will hold different numbers and lengths of tracks.

I have a few disks like this. The original release had extra fancy bits on it, these were removed in a later plain CD release. That would be two different release items. They are physically different.

It is easy to clone a release and make the new one from it to separate these two out.


Thanks All, will create a separate release …

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