Question on English Style Guide Regarding UTF-8 Characters

I am currently taking a look at the following edit:

Specifically at the edit for track #2 where the apostrophe symbol is being replaced with a 'right single quotation mark’

Is there something specifically in the style guide that should/does mention how to approach responding to this type of edit?
Or should I vote no on the edit based on common English language knowledge?

Curious on others thoughts.

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It is buried a little in the Miscellaneous guidline:

Use of basic ASCII punctuation characters such as ’ and " is allowed, but typographically-correct punctuation is preferred. The Classical Style Guide has its own rules about punctuation in titles; please follow that guideline where it applies. Use normal Latin letters for Roman numerals: their Unicode versions exist only for compatibility purposes and its use is discouraged by the standard (p.754).

So the edit is correct.


@mfmeulenbelt has it for the most part, but I wanted to add that apostrophes do indeed use the right single quotation mark according to Unicode (see page 16). The thought is that the straight quote/apostrophe is a convention from typewriters rather than the historic symbol for the glyph, which was identical to the quotation mark.