Question for classic experts - another Alfred Scholz recording?

Wondering about this recording:
Five (!) conductors and two (!) orchestras are listed.
AcoustIDs of this recording are correct. There is another recording with the same AcoustID with lists “Peter Falk” as conductor (
Could this be recording another recording of Alfred Scholz (

Want to add this release:

How to handle that?


Looks very much like it is (I genuinely love that old rogue). Joseph Francek is probably Scholz according to Discogs and Alberto Lizzio is a pretty well-known pseudonym of his. Paul Kantschieder and Carl Michalski seem to be real people, but little-known enough to be probably targets.

But I wouldn’t put too much faith in AcoustIDs, they might be attributed incorrectly. Peter Falk seems to be a real person, with his own website‌. I would add a new release with separate recordings.

I’d take them with a grain of salt in general, but if you have the ability to verify them yourself on the different releases they’re pretty trustworthy.

I’ve found many cases of AcoustIDs on the wrong recording but very few cases where there are actual collisions.

The three AcoustIDs linked to this recording are obviously the same music, e.g. have a look at (offset 7), you can see how close they are.

Quickly checked tracks on

(Carl Michaelski)

(Joseph Fancek)
which I own with Audacity. Only very very small differences in volume, but I’m sure they are the same recording.

Seems that Alfred Scholz uses that names or they are pseudonyms.