Question About Releases and Cover Arts

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Hello! I’ve been trying to scrape the multiple cover arts of an album, for example Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP. Is there a way to get all release ID’s of a specific release-group? Or do you have any other suggestions? Thank you so much!

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welcome @dilos can expand on what you trying to do? then people may be able to help you better :slight_smile: and explain what your trying to use release ID’s for if you wont to know if there is a better way as we are not mind readers sorry :slight_smile:

Hello again @st3v3p I’m developing a plugin for which uses your database. I was able to scrape cover arts via But now I want to add another feature to it. Some albums with several releases have multiple cover arts and I want to store all of them. I figured out if I can get all release ID’s of an album, it would make the process so much easier as I would be able to make queries for each release ID and scrape the cover art. Because currently, I can only store one release ID in’s database.

This is the more specific explanation of my problem and I hope that it is much more clear now :slight_smile:

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this is a bit above my head sorry but im shure someone will be along to help :slight_smile:

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Have you looked at the MusicBrainz API documentation? I’m pretty sure that can provide the information you’re looking for, and there are a number of libraries available to help access the API.


@rdswift Oh I did not know that there were some example queries: I think I can find a way out by the help of these queries. If anyone needs a solution, this link also might be useful. I will try to implement a function as soon as possible. Thank you for your contribution. I will edit this entry for anyone who is struggling with such problem. Have a nice day/night