Question about edits to an album I've uploaded

I’ve been using MusicBrainz and other tagging sites for many years. Recently I picked up a copy of the soundtrack to Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker. I got absolutely nothing searching for it, so I submitted one. I had someone correct a typo I made, then about a week ago, I added some edits for the artists of the tracks, since I had used a track listing online for the most part and finally noticed the artists listed in the booklet included with the soundtrack (I missed it since the print is so small).
Now that these edits are almost ready to post, since there’s been no voting, I noticed someone posted edits of all the tracks. I’ve noticed on Square Enix soundtracks that there are generally 2 sets of tags: the original Japanese and another upload with English track names. Since there were neither for this album, I uploaded them in English since this is the one I’d be looking for, and one plenty of English-speaking people would be looking for as well. The edits are all in Japanese. Rather than upload a new track listing, its set to overwrite all the English track names I took the time to submit.
Is there any way to fight this, or force this edit into a separate listing? Do I need to resubmit again? I’m not sure how this works.
For the record, both could be considered the proper names: the included booklet has both Japanese and English track names.

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No one is erasing your English tracklist. You should not fight the longer-tenured editors who have put in the time to correct that release group.


Just to clarify: The edits do not change the English track listing. What edits like edit 88212395 are doing is merging the recordings, because while the Japanese and English track listings are entered as separate releases on MusicBrainz, they still are about the same audio and hence the recordings need to be shared.


I would actually say to go ahead and vote ‘no’ if something looks wrong - but leave a comment and be prepared to change your vote based on the reply.

Even for the newest editors I think it’s the way to go. Start voting and asking👌

One thing I would def do in future though is make the editor, via edit comments, aware of forum posts pertaining to them. We are all part of a team so everyone’s gotta be included in the discussion.

  • Listen to the advice of existing community members. Ask for clarification if you’re still unsure.

I do not consider “fighting” existing community members to be the same as asking for clarification. I interpreted the concern here being that madcabbit thinks someone is erasing his English track titles. This is not true, so there is no need to “fight”.

Yes, I was just trying to get clarification. I saw missing info was added, but I didn’t know how this works and was wondering if it was a case of being a stickler to the details of the JP release or not. I recognize the edits as valid- it wasn’t meant as an attack.