Question about composer/writer credits for a movie

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While working with releases and getting data from ASCAP, i met the following problem.

This release:

Here is a composers breakdown for it:

Here is an ASCAP data for the 1st track for example:

Here is IMDB movie crew credits page:

So what we have. Hans-zimmer site shows only 4 persons as composers while ASCAP shows 6 of them as writers. As i understand this is because 4 composer persons (zimmer, fleming, mazzaro and page) listed on IMDB as “music by”, “additional music” and "score produced "; while 2 others (gibson and rubin) as “music editors”.

And so here is the question - should i add only “composers” to work level relationships or add all of them? By my logic since all of them presented in ASCAP - they are all music creators just some of them are composers who actually write the music, while editors modify it later to get the final tracks. In ASCAP they all on the “same level” relationships - work level, but in MB music editors presented only on recording level relationships and not the work ones.

So what will you suggest? Or may be we should create some MB standard/style for this? Or just tell me that i am making this too complex. :smiley:

I wouldn’t expect to see someone credited as “music editor” as a writer on a work, but I also wouldn’t expect it for someone credited as “score produced”. Are the official credits mostly made up bullshit? Seem to remember someone (you?) telling that they often only credit one famous name even if others actually did the work.


Unsure, Reo, if it was me, but indeed this often happens in the industry. There are a lot of cases (90%+?) when popular services only credit the whole release to one single person, while there could be the whole team and each track has its own composers “hidden” from the public.

So my question “still in the air” how to treat this editors, coz as i dig through the movies soundtracks more and more i often meet this.

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For games the same, when a soundtrack is not the work of only one composer, it can be difficult to find information as to who composed what, especially with older games.

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