Question about bundles of existing singles and songs from an album that come with new/exclusive B-sides

I wanted to know how the “Whisper The Unspeakable Collection” from Avatar (Whisper the Unspeakable Collection – Avatar Merch EU) should be handled when adding to the database.

It is a limited edition collection/bundle of 3 vinyls holding a total of 6 tracks, 2 of which have already been released as singles in the past, and two of these vinyls have new/unreleased tracks as their B-Side. It doesnt look like the vinyls are sold individually, so I’m not sure about marking this as new releases for the existing singles.

Would this be an EP/LP, is this a different single, or is this something else entirely?

I would make it Single+Compilation.

I’m sorry, I’m not fully sure I understood. Should I make it a new Release Group called “Whisper The Unspeakable Collection” and mark that as Single+Compilation?

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Yes. That’s what I meant. These are 3 singles, A-sides previously released, though one not on vinyl, and they can only be bought together.

Are the singles packaged together? Is there a joint front with a title?

Discogs has one compilation →

But I wonder if there could be 3 separate singles - each is numbered separately and seems to have a separate cat# - tricky!

The more I look into it, the more I think it should be 3 separate singles, linked together by a release series, not a RG series - together with other releases of the same single (A-side).

Based on that, I would say it should be one release, not 3.