Query about changing an album title

I’m currently going through my tags and came across this album:

Release “Final Fantasy X: feel / Go dream (Yuna & Tidus Tribute)” by 青木麻由子, 森田成一 & 植松伸夫 - MusicBrainz

When looking at all the album art for this there is no mention of Final Fantasy X in the title name on either the front, back, obi and CD. Also, the part that says (Yuna & Tidus Tribute) doesn’t exist in the title either, the full title is just:

feel / Go dream Yuna & Tidus

I get that putting the Final Fantasy X in the title is to show what series it’s from, but I’ve always been lead to believe that album titles should match what the artwork states, so should this title be changed or left as is?


You’re right, And I see no trace of Tribute either on the packaging.
And Yuna & Tidus are (part of) release artist credits.

On the back of the obi we can see that we could create a FINAL FANTASY X SOUND SERIES series.

You can totally fix it, let’s aim for the top!

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