Put band logo/pic on MusicBrainz

hi all,
I’m new on here, does anyone know how to put your band logo/pic on musicbrainz …im useless at this stuff so any help would be great. Cheers Me G

You can add an image Artist-URL relationship to the artist, which expects an URL pointing directly to an image or an entry on Wikimedia Commons. See for example the Rolling Stones entry.

While in theory you can add all kinds of image URLs you should follow the guidelines for URLs. Also MB.org won’t display all sources. The best solution currently is to use an image on Wikimedia Commons. E.g. the Rolling Stones entry uses this image.

hi, thank you…would this link work…http://megrecord.weebly.com/contact.html

Sure, works in general if it is directly the link to the image. If you are Me_G yourself (cool sound by the way, like it very much) you probably don’t mind us setting it as the URL :slight_smile: I have done so as one can see here.

But as I said before, those images won’t show up on MusicBrainz itself, it will only show artist images from Wikimedia Commons (as far as I know, could be that there is some other source allowed I am not aware of). The reason for this is that one can easily run into trouble with image copyrights.

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Thats great thank you, Yes I’m Me G,Best wishes

Hi, sorry if I’m missing something, but I don’t understand the above, where do I start in musicbrainz to add an artist photo?



Musicbrainz doesn’t store any images, you have to create relationships from the artist to an image or WIkipedia Commons.
(do this by hitting ‘Edit’ at the top of an artist page when you’re logged in and hit ‘Add Relationship’)

outsidecontext’s answer is pretty clear after that, do you have any specific questions about it/ how to link to an image?

Note that if you want MusicBrainz to display an artist image on the artist page, but the artist isn’t known enough for you to make a Wikipedia entry about them/have something accepted to Wikipedia Commons, you’re probably sh*t out of luck sorry to say. As far as I know.
You can add a relationship to any image, but MB wont display it on the artist page.