Pseudo-Release from a blog with a Mixcloud?

Came across this release today IN 6

It appears to be sourced from a website, which also provides link to the audio on Mixcloud.

Mixcloud allows anyone (as far as I understand) to make playlists on their site.

There are also other releases sourced from the site.

Is pseudo-release correct, or should they be on MB at all?



A pseudo-release is not a fake release.
A pseudo-release is an alternative tracklist for an existing original release.

Maybe bootleg would be more appropriate, as in MB it often means unofficial.

Playlists as releases

I don’t think we add fake releases or playlists as releases to MusicBrainz.

But there is no guideline for playlists that are not “top-something” from magazines.

There are several topics about playlists as releases.

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Mixcloud say they’re full licenced, so, assuming they are, a “release” from them would not be unofficial as they have the “rights”. It’s effectively a single track on there though, so the playlist is primarily from the website.

It’s like the other playlist websites, no, like Spotify, etc.?
Where the tracks can be heard by the paid subscribers.

For me, a blog post sounds worse than a home made cassette compilation as the online playlists can change any time, no?

And we don’t add the home made cassette compilations (of course) to MB.
So why add a blog post list of tracks by some blogger?

Maybe I did not understand completely.
But anyway, I’m not into digital release editing, so you should better rely on the existing topic contributors. :wink: