Provide list of names in release's script/language when adding artists etc. (credited as)

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when adding a releases I choose English/Latin when appropriate. When I go to add an artist, for example Rachmaninoff, he is automatically credited as Сергей Васильевич Рахманинов.

Can MB be extended to associate script/language-specific names to artists such that when associating the artist to a recording (credited as) it provides a dropdown of those names in the script type of the release? Unless I’m doing it wrong, I currently need to go and find the Latin version of Rachmaninoff’s name somewhere else and cut and paste it into the ‘credited as’ field.



I know there’s been attempts in the past to help with that (with the Russian classical composers the most common case), but mainly for search results. I think the dropdown list briefly showed all primary aliases - but artists like Tchaikovsky have so many transliterations, that that just created a wall of text.

If the release relationship editor has access to the release’s language and script, it may indeed be reasonable and feasible to have the Credited as field show a dropdown containing all of the artist’s aliases in that language (with precedence for ones using the same script, if applicable).

I’d suggest checking to see if there’s already a ticket for that; if not, create one.

Having said all that, you only need to do this once per release (because you can automatically apply the credit to all occurrences of the artist), so it’s not a huge amount of lost time.


I can image Vlad can be entered many ways. I added a release today crediting him as “Peter I. Tschaikowsky”.

You’re right it’s not a huge loss of time, although on some releases I’ve created the track artists aren’t consistent and so the “copy to other tracks” doesn’t work with them.