Proper way to add this?

i am looking at this

one part of the song is Spotify and the second part is Spotify

the second example is

the main is Pitbull - I Know You Want Me second part is Oana - Asa-i Viata Omului Spotify

so, is there any proper way to add this kind of stuff?

Ah, you have hit a gap in the Style Guide armour of MusicBrainz. These are recordings of music performances, so they are clearly in scope, and deserve to be entered in the database. On the other hand, they are not fixed into physical media and mass-produced, which is what our Style Guide is aimed at. The style issues are similar to streaming and YouTube releases. Search this forum for “streaming release” and “YouTube release” to see some of our previous discussions on how best to enter them.

Do these Recordings also exist as tracks on an album? Be sure to search for any related album. If you find them, then the album’s track will link to a Recording. Add a “Can be streamed from” external link to the Recording, to capture their Spotify URL.

If there is no related album, then a simple approach is to enter each of these recordings as a Standalone Recording. Be sure to use the “Can be streamed from” external link to capture their Spotify URL.

Thank you for contributing these!