Productivity: Mass Set Artist Field on Tracks in Release Editor?

Is there a way to mass set the ‘Artist’ field on tracks in the release editor? I’ve tried using the parser with just track numbers and an artist, but it won’t parse just the artist field it seems.

Here’s my process: I use atisket to add new releases. When adding releases, on the ‘tracklist’ tab, I click ‘Edit’ on the first track, set the credits to ‘Artist,’, copy credits, next > paste credits, next > paste credits, etc. before using ‘guess feat artist’ to copy all the feature credits over. Then I actually fix the feature credits. I’m wondering if I can do something better than ‘next > paste credits’ for every track, which is getting annoying. Here’s an example part-way through the ‘next > paste’ process,

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anything with that many songs - I use a word document. I find the “find/replace” feature is a good help.