Problem with Picard submitting fingerprints to AcoustID

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I don’t know if this is a Picard problem or an AcoustID problem. It has happened before, and at that time it was an AcoustID problem.
When using Picard to submit fingerprints to a MusicBrainz release (via AcoustID) I hit the Submit AcoustIDs button and Picard reports “AcoustID submission finished successfully”, but when I inspect the Recordings on MusicBrainz afterwards it reports that the recordings do not have any Fingerprints associated to them.
Can anybody say whether or not AcoustID/MusicBrainz is aware of this, and if so, if anything is being done about it?

See the following thread:


AcoustID has been in read-only mode since Aug. 11, 2021
Hypothetically, those submitted AcoustIDs you sent are being buffered by the server, and will go into the main database… any day now…?

Here’s the main thread about it:


Looks like AcoustID is back up again, but it seems pretty clear that the submissions during the outage were not buffered.

Is it broken again? I tried submitting some AcoustIDs yesterday and today, with no luck. Statistics | AcoustID suggests that submissions should be working though: