Problem with a Release Series

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I think i messed something a bit up and made some errors here.

Unheard Music Series releases reissues of free jazz recordings. (
so i wanted to add to the already existing series and had to find out, that it is a release group series, which is of course wrong for the Unheard Music Series. There was no way to correct the Series (, probably because 2 releases are already linked? So i created a new version (my mistake) ( in hope to merge the two sets.
However, i could not add UMS to the “Unlawful Noise” CD release. Instead I got the error message:

Incorrect entity type for part of series relationship at lib/MusicBrainz/Server/Data/ line 613, <$fh> line 1.

so in trying out, to see if it works, i added the release series ( to release group series and it got entered.
now also the 1976 vinyl is associated with the UMS, which is of course, wrong.
I could now make another edit to the queue to remove again the release group series. But first, i wanted to know how to deal with this and indicate on MB, that the cd reissue is part of the UMS. Also, i think a merge of the two release groups would be useful.

When you create a series, there is a TYPE box at the top that lets you swap it to a Release Series instead of a Release Group. But once the series is created, you cannot change the Type.

Looks like you just need to take another try at it. :slight_smile: This time making the Release Series you require.

As to all the three Release Group series that now exist, you are correct to say these are wrong. After the new Release series is made and all details manually moved across, they will need to be deleted.

There is no simple “conversion” to go from a RG Series to a R Series. There is also no way to merge between the two.



added the linked releases here:
also i requested a relationship removal
can be removed now, i guess

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New Release Series looks good.

It would be simpler to delete the three incorrect Release Group series you listed in your first post.

Add edit notes to point to your replacement Release series and this thread.

You may get people jumping on you shouting about “merge, never delete”, but in this case you are very valid in your reasoning. All three Release Group series are plainly incorrect.


is it possible, that i do not have the rights to request to delete these series?

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They will be deleted automatically when empty but there are still relationships :wink:

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