Problem completing username

Take the user IvanDobsky for example.

In the Editor field, you should enter and find this name after just a few letters.

However, this does not happen.

I had to enter the entire nickname.

What if I didn’t know this nickname?

And there are even more difficult nicknames. :wink:

I am attaching 4 more screenshots of the search for this nickname.


I have created an issue for this:

I would call this a good security feature, not a bug. If you want to look up a user you’ll know the name due to an edit they have done. Speculative searches for users seem not ideal.

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But on the forum it works after typing @.

And when it comes to privacy, our data has been circulating on the Internet for a long time, even photos. :wink:

That link didn’t work for me.
This one works:

If you are logged in.

The forum is different software and use compared to the database.


Everything works for me.


@yvanzo has already started on it.

I need to drop out of this thread. That link you have there is from something different @jesus2099 reported in May… and was fixed in May

Look at the main search in the menu at the top of the main page. Users is not something that is usually indexed for the search.


Yvanzo changed project and link.

Look again, there is “Editors” near the bottom of the search drop-down.