Probably a Really Simple Question about CD Stubs

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Hi all,

So I’ve read the docs on CD Stubs ( and understand how they come to exist, however I have one very simple question.

If I add a release which uses data from a stub (and the release added includes Disc ID’s and everything else) what happens to the stub? Does it die immediately or does it wait for 14 days and then die, with new lookups pointing to my added entry?

Kind regards


The web service will return a release before looking for a cd stub.
So if you use a cd stub as the starting point and then fill in all the details to create a proper release.
When you use picard or another tool searching based on the disk id that is the release that will be returned.

I am not what happens to the cd stub, my guess is this is still in the database but not visible.
There may be a cleanup job but I don’t think it matters as no one will see it.


Cool, thanks for answering my question!

Once a disc ID is attached to a medium it will be removed from the CDstubs tables: