Printed By relationship

Where do I add the relationship for “Printed By”? I am unable to find the appropriate relationship sepections.

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Is this a Label-Release relationship? I’m not aware that we have such a relationship yet.

STYLE-820: Printed by label


I voted for the issue. Thanks for pointing me there. It is interesting how this is not there, especially since a difference in printing alone is enough for a different release in MB, you would think that the printing would matter.

I wonder though… is the printer a label, an artist? It really fits nowhere in there properly, which is partially why I thought I might be missing it. I guess it would be label by default as manufacturing is under label.

The printer is a company, so I would say label. The entity label is a bit of a misnomer these days, because it contains so much more, like rights societies and manufacturers (even thought there is no manufacturer label type).


I did create a ticket to add “media manufacturer” as a label type. This relationship is meant for companies whose sole/main function is manufacturing/pressing physical media (which I assume is what you’re looking for), as opposed to a record company who is credited with manufacturing a release.

I can agree with label, as it seems to fit best there.

RE: media manufacturer
Well, it could. The printer could be printing the media, or simply printing the booklet and front and back cover. If it weren’t for standard logistics, Kinkos could print the artwork, or any other regular printer. It is not too likely to happen though. So I would hesitate to say in that case that the company would have s sole purpose of “manufacturing/pressing physical media”.

I was thinking more along the lines of companies like Sony DADC.


That would be a perfect fit. I have only added a few of that type, I believe I have just left the type selection blank and added them to the release as appropriate.