Preventing files with exact similar names to be moved as Title (1/2/3...)

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Im a bit new to all this.
I’ve set up Picard for my needs and let it sort my whole music.
Because i reproduced the complete data from my old HDD that got broken i have now tons of tracks multiple times and Musicbrainz picard added them all as Title (x) with some going up to over (30) and i dont want to go through over 1 1/2 TB of music to trash the doubled files. Is there any way to tell Picard NOT to move a file if thats already existing instead of naming it File (x-Number) ?
Would be s glad theres a way to make that work.

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No, I don’t think there is a way of doing that with Picard. Your best bet is to look for a program that deletes duplicate files.

See also this topic:

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