Predictive ModBot - Wishful dream or possible?

First of all big props to the MB devs. I’ve now been editing for a little over 3 months and am really happy with how well it all works. Working on the database is really fun and for the most part intuitive. I’m especially happily surprised how well merges work. Not only are all infos transferred, but even subscriptions, ratings and collections are not broken after a merge. :clap:

One thing I sometimes stumble over are failed dependencies, changed tracklists and deleted entities - mostly caused by merges.
Now my question: Do you think it’s plausible that the ModBot could ever be taught to predict failed edits and warn in advance instead of just notifying that an edit failed after the fact? I’m especially thinking of cases where Edit A would cancel out Edit B but not the other way around. In these cases with a timely warning the editor of Edit B could post it in the votes/autoeditor thread and have it accepted before it’s too late.
There could even be a list of all “endangered” edits so you can vote on them.

I have absolutely no experience with developing, but I can imagine that this would be a very hard thing to accomplish, which is why I’m asking here whether it’s plausible at all before even thinking of adding it to the issue tracker.


It is theoretically plausible, actually not for the foreseeable future since it is not in current top priorities. Smaller related improvements might be easier to achieve though, such as:

  • MBS-1400: Display warning when modifying something that already has open edits
  • MBS-3585: Info about what will modbot do after merging releases

Either way, contributors are very welcome!