Possible to have "New Notes" ignore Modbot?

I generally enjoy getting user notes on my edits:

“New notes have been left on some of your edits.”

They’re usually either correcting me when I’ve made a mistake, or adding in interesting additional information.

But Modbot rarely if ever tells me anything useful, or something that I care about. Is it possible for Modbot to be ignored, but still let all the other notes through?


Aren’t most modbot notes “this failed, here’s why”?

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One ModBot note I found very useful is when assigning an ISNI already assigned to an other artist, ModBot add a note to your edit “The ISNI 0000000049834154 is already in use on 1 artist. Please check all uses of this ISNI.” It usually means there is an artist with a typo or a different transliteration and a merge edit might be necessary.

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