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pod cast credits…

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From my side I’ll do it like @Freso:

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Interesting. That is just a list of recordings. Are there releases to go with them?

Many of the podcasts I have downloaded include images thanks to the being embedded into MP3 tags.

The BBC is a good example of a large output of regular broadcasts which include images.

I also have other sites which do regular release on subjects that would be nice to be able to add annotations.

Sure with this stand-alone recording + series, we cannot add annotations and/or images.
But I thought it’s quite a great “how to do it” waiting for better podcast integration in MB or PodcastBrainz :wink:

This has never gotten anywhere unfortunately, spanning 6 years and a couple of forums!

So it’s still a wild west.

This is how I do it, though I stopped adding very many because it really needs to be automated to get anywhere:


I could help with that, but only if there’s a style guide that says exactly how :sweat_smile: as I want to enter Big Finish Podcast as well :stuck_out_tongue: