Please vote on this

I have a possible screw-up-situation with the order some edits.

I did a merge of releases here

after I added multichannel mixes to the target release

I only noticed that a merge should be done afterwards, obviously, but since the target layout will change before the merge goes through, the queued merge will probably fail. So I would ask you to vote on the merge to speed it up, if possible. Thanks in advance!

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Multichannel mixes are part of another layer so you should add another medium.
Keep current medium as is but change its type to Hybrid SACD (CD layer) and add your 5.1 mixes in a new medium with type Hybrid SACD (SACD layer). :slight_smile:

Also, you could (or even should) use this existing topic below, when some edits need to be voted for whatever reason:

Remember to always explain the reason, like you nicely did here, not just Please vote this edit. We should understand and agree before clicking any links. :wink:

You voted “no”. There are only 3 physical media, your suggestion would make it 6. Please show me a written reference that a layer is to be treated as a medium in MB or change your vote to abstain.

Thanks, will bookmark!

If I did it right, why admonish me again? :innocent:

You’re right, I had some other people in mind, I should have written this advice somewhere else, sorry. :sweat_smile:

Back to the topic, the guideline about SACD layers as mediums is in Style / Release - MusicBrainz but if the tracklist is the same, it is not really necessary to add 5.1 tracks.

I found it from the guideline proposal topic, where the reason is given by @Freso:

The CD sections of [Hybrid SACDs] support DiscIDs, and you cannot have a medium with more (or less) tracks than what’s defined by the attached DiscID.

By the way, your merging release does have Disc IDs, so you will not be able to add those tracks, anyway.


If the SACD layer of a hybrid SACD has different mixes from the CD layer (5.1 versus stereo in this case) then I think these should be entered as different recordings and the release should have separate media for each layer.

The CD layers would have disc IDs attached and link to the stereo recordings.

It seems to me the correct thing to do here would be to merge in append mode and then fix the media types and recordings; otherwise wait for the open merge to apply and then add new media for the SACD layers and 5.1 recordings.

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Good idea, the append mode!
But, as recordings are already shared and as the release merge edit has already been pending for a couple of days, it’s nice to keep it until it applies, then change medium types to SACD CD layer, and add new recordings to new SACD layer mediums.