Planning for the next Community Cleanup

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First of all. Wow. I went to check on Mr. Claude today expecting to find three or four pages of awful compilation recordings of Clair de lune left to fix… but we’re at under one page of recordings, and many of those are actual recordings of Debussy playing piano. On top of that, I’ve seen a lot of new Debussy releases being added to MusicBrainz. And people (like @CatCat) actually going to their local library and telling them “give me all your Debussy”. Which means two things:

  1. The first community cleanup has been an absolute success :tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada:

  2. We should probably do this again!

We won’t have a composer cleanup in September, because people probably want to have some rest from all this work and edit whatever they actually want to more often! (if someone still wants something to fix this month, I’d suggest checking the reports). But we should have one in October! So, I’m going to do some polling again, with our returning loser from last month and three proposals from, all of them with a similar number of recordings to be fixed as Debussy had. Have your say! (if your say ends up being a tie, I guess we’ll just pick both and have one in October and one in December).

What do you do now?


Congrats for the cleaning! It looks great!



Last few days to vote, in case anyone else wants to! (it’s kinda close right now :slight_smile: )


Seems we have a winner! Time for some Mahler!


Cool project and excellent work!