[PLACES] No clear place type for music conservatories. Could "Music school" be an idea?

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Music conservatories are currently filed as venues, as “other” or with no set place type at all. Could we use something like “Music school”? “Educational”?

It would be nice to navigate this as Place>Educational>Royal Academy of Music>Alumni to see a list of graduates.



I did create a ticket a while back to add Educational Institution to the list of Place types. Admittedly I didn’t have music conservatories in mind when I made the ticket, but now that you mention it it sounds workable (with some associated relationships such as “attended”).


Nice! I just gave it my vote :+1:


I just created another ticket to add a “studied at” relationship to link artists to the music schools/conservatories where they studied.


Good idea! Had been thinking about something like this too, so here it is.


Now please go change educational institutions to use the new type :wink:


Wow, you work fast! I’ll hop right on it :slight_smile:


The new type is not reflected in the search results, is that just a caching/re-indexing issue?


I’ve started a folksonomy tag to help get the ball rolling.


I also added a teacher relationship now, to complement the student one :slight_smile:


Did you see my ticket for an “associated with” relationship? (That was the best terminology I could come up with; it’s meant for school-affiliated groups such as orchestras, choirs and marching bands.)


Sounds reasonable enough. Added! (not completely convinced about the wording, but hopefully it won’t be used too wrongly)