Place/Recording vs Place/Release for partial releases?

I can’t find any clear documentation on this, for example Release “2005-06-09: A State of Trance #200” by Armin van Buuren - MusicBrainz contains one part that was recorded at that place. So:

  1. Should the release be linked to the same place (recorded at) because it was partially recorded there? That is also to say that a release that has multiple recording locations would have all unique place linked as well, or
  2. The release should only be linked if all recordings were recorded at the same place, or
  3. The release should never be linked, only recordings.

I see a bunch of similar questions, but I couldn’t find the answer in them either.

I believe in general, the more specific option should be used. i.e. you know Bob Smith did vocals on track 2, there should be a credit on track 2, and not the release. if you aren’t certain which tracks a credit belongs to, that should go on the release level

You can specify recording location on a per track basis - and the credits for each musician

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The only time I use Place\Release is if more than one place is quoted and it is not clear which tracks are recorded at which place.

When one place named, then I attach Place to Recording. More specific. Also more useful when the Recording then appears on later releases\compilations.


Thanks. That’s a good point. There are a few releases I added the place to the release as well as the track I’ll go remove now…